Pocket Spray Bottle

Refillable Spray Bottle

Pocket Spray Bottle

Empty Sanitizer Bottle  

Pocket Sanitizer Sprayer Bottle  

Useful For Personal Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

Handy and Stylish  

Contactless Touch  

Spray Bottle  

Capacity : 20ml

Rs. 25

Portable Size: Our small travel bottles are easy to carry, and with a keychain, you can attach it to your keys, bags, wallets, purses, backpacks and can use anywhere with ease. Also you could put it on your bag or pocket. Suitable for travel, business trip, sports, outdoor activities, etc.


Leak-Proof: Refillable travel containers for cleaning hand sanitizer are definitely leak proof. Don't be worry about cosmetic or lotions will spill out.


Multipurpose: When you go out or travel, you can use it to fill toiletries, liquid or cream cosmetics, food condiments, and refillable for cleaning, homemade hand sanitizers etc.


Ideal for Gifts: The travel bottle keychain holders are beautiful and lovely gifts for your friends, family members, colleagues and other people, suitable for adults and kids to use.

Capacity 20ml
Size14.3cm height

1. Very handy product, easy to clean, easy to refill and reuse, comes with cap to prevent accidental spray.


2. Used for Hand Sanitizer, travel purposes, perfumes, rose water, Toners, other body/room fragrances, home use, Good product for Women safety purpose, Eve teasing, etc.


Empty Spray bottle with hook cap, You can hang it on your bag, keychain, Jeans, Belt etc. Very useful as a disinfectant spray.


3. Light weight and compact design can fit easily inside your purse or pocket. This bottle is complete transparent.


4. Gives perfect mist spray for your purpose.