Electric Food Chopper

  • The perfect kitchen tool for crushed garlic, crushed ginger, crushed fresh chili, crushed peanuts, ground meat, pumpkin paste, etc.
  • The electric crusher let you farewell to hand-pulling, which you can just press the button on the top to automatically crush it.
  • The food-grade plastic in the cup does not contain BPA, can hold food safely, is strong and does not contain.
  • The sharp blade of the garlic chopper can quickly chop garlic, seasonings, nuts, vegetables, meat, ice cubes, etc.
  • It is very suitable for small foods. You can use it for cooking, baby food supplement, smoothie drinks.
Rs. 425

USB Rechargeable: Electric food chopper, powered by 1 x 3.7V rechargeable battery(Built-in), USB rechargeable .Press the button to automatically stir the food, save your time and release your hands.

Multifunction: About 250ml, with 2 sharp blades, it can chop garlic, ginger, peppers, vegetables, fruits, meats and more. Small chopper is also easy for you to store.

Material: Made of PP material, food-grade cup body, non-toxic plastic, safe for containing food. Good product for mom, wife, professional chefs.

Safety Design: The cup is aligned with the main body position and rotated to a safe locked position to start using, suitable for small kitchens.

Easy Clean: Waterproof design. The whole body is waterproof and easy to clean.

Name: Wireless Mini Electric Food Chopper
Rated capacity:100ml+250ml
Size: as picture show
Battery voltage:3.7V
Rated current:6A
Rated power:45W
Rated input voltage:5V
Rated input current:1A
Function: Chopping garlic, ginger, chili, peanut, walnut, etc. Make complementary food, juices, milkshakes, desserts, smoothies, etc.

1. The cutter head is made of high-quality stainless steel with a 35-degree angle design, which is hard,

food-grade, safe, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant.

2. 45W low-power powerful motor, full stirring, effective noise reduction, long life.

3. Intimate safe design, the cup must be aligned with the position of the body, and rotated to a safe  lock position to start use.

4. USB rechargeable. USB charging interface with waterproof design. All body waterproof for easy  cleaning.

5. Easy to operate: Put the food in the cup, cover the host, press and hold the switch, and cut it in a  few seconds to a dozen seconds.

6. Multipurpose: Chopping garlic, ginger, chili, peanut, walnut, etc. Make complementary food, juices,  milkshakes, desserts, smoothies, etc.